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Do you have a loyalty program?
Yes. Say hello to Burger Miles sign up in-store or online. Visit the Burger Miles page, fill in your details and type β€˜Burger Miles” in the comment section and send it through. Just give us 24 hours to get your account activated and you’re ready to start collecting those miles.
Does Burger Patch cater?
Yes! Check out our Catering page, swing by the store or call us to discuss your catering needs.
Does Burger Patch deliver?

Yes! You can get your favourite Burger Patch eats delivered to your door with one of our delivery partners. Visit the Delivery page for direct links to order now!

Can I make a reservation?
If you have a large group (10 or more) give us a call and we can hold a table for you. Please note we will only hold table for 15 minutes so please let us know if you are running late.

For smaller groups, no reservations required just order your meal and grab a table.

How are your burgers cooked?
Our beef patties are made of 100% Aussie beef with no fillers. They are best enjoyed medium with a pink center. Please let us know your preference if medium isn’t your thing.
Can I eat at Burger Patch if I have a food allergy?
We do our best to cater for any dietary requirement. However, we do not take responsibility for traces of nuts, dairy, gluten or other allergens that may be present in our ingredients.
What are your gluten free options?

At present, our burger buns are not gluten free, however all burgers can be served bunless.
For those with Coeliac Disease please let us know as some of our meat is cooked in basting that contains gluten.

Does Burger Patch serve Halal accredited meat?
All beef and chicken products are Halal accredited. When ordering please advise staff so we can prepare your meal accordingly.






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